Zen Master Seung Sahn used to teach his students: "When you are doing something just do it."It's not clear who came first with this slogan, Nike or Zen Master Seung Sahn.Nevertheless, this idea might be interesting not only for athletes or Zen students.There is still a common believe that those who can do several things at a time are more productive and multitasking is still a virtue in the professional world today.
On the other hand, various scientific research has been done on the subject proving that our brain can handle only one thing at a time. (see article from NYT  and  LifeHack ). Now what kind of time are we talking about ? One hour, 20 minutes or maybe a second?In Zen, time is a creation of our thinking and it's length is quite subjective.
Past is just a memory, future is a fantasy, and even when we say "now" it's already gone, so there is no way we can Just Do It in the past, future or even "now".
One Moment ( ksana in Sanskrit)  lasts 1/60 of the time you need to make one finger-snap.
These days in the era of nuclear clocks our moment is even shorter : 1 /∞ time. Since this is the case we might think that in such a short time we can't do anything, not even think.
 For example one human reflection takes up ninety ksanas. So, in moment, there is no thinking . No thinking means that there is no time, no space, no subject, no object and no action.
The point is not to get stuck in the moment. If we don't get stuck in the moment we can do anything

How can you not get stuck in the moment?

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