Zen for the "Maybe Generation".

                                                                                                              ASH changes “Be Marlboro” into “Be Tobacco-Free”

Perhaps you have heard this already: More Young People Can't Make Up Their Minds

If not, here is a simple explanation: Millennials are the generation born around year 2000 who probably right now are posting on Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook.

They are constantly bombarded by their devices with countless choices. What to wear, eat, who to date, what to listen to, and what meditation style is the coolest ?

Having smart phone notifications on all the time additionally contributes to shortening attention span and diminishing focus.

Because of that they can't decide, and whenever facing a choice, become paralyzed.

In an evil twist, Marlboro started an add campaign targeting young people:
"Dont Be Maybe, Be Marlboro".

Here are some messages from Marlboro's ads: "Maybe Never Will", "A Maybe Never Reaches The Top", "A Maybe Is Never Invited", "Maybe Never Wins", "Maybe Never Fall In Love".

For Marlboro, the message is clear; being "Maybe" isn't cool. If you want to be cool make up your mind and smoke our cigarettes.

Zen practice offers a more healthy alternative for those who want to learn how to avoid becoming one of the Maybes.

By doing correct Zen practice, you will become more clear about what you really want. Also you will become more centered, which will help to achieve your goals effectively.

No amount of cigarettes will make anyone a Just Do It person, quite the opposite. It makes you a slave to cigarettes, just like being a slave to Maybe. It's time to make some choices that really help our lives.

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